Welcome to the Budget Office of The Catholic University of America. The Budget Office is responsible for overall budget planning, forecasting, reporting, and analysis for operating and capital activities. We take pride in supporting Catholic University's faculty, staff, and researchers with their budgetary needs in order to ensure that available resources are directed to their most optimal use and that the strategic priorities of the university are met.

  • Current Fiscal Year - Budget Management

    Current Fiscal Year - Budget Management
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    • Get or change access to the financial system
    • Procurement and Payment Services
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  • Next Fiscal Year - Financial Planning

    Next Fiscal Year - Financial Planning
    • University Budget Committee
    • Planning Calendar
    • Capital Budgets
    • Submission Instructions
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    • Budget Resources 
    • Budget Users’ Group
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    • View Budget Training Modules
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  • Cardinal Financials

    Cardinal Systems
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    • Cardinal Students
    • Cardinal Faculty & Staff
    • Cardinal Hire
  • Divisional Reporting Structure

    Divisional Reporting Structure

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